• Sentra Kriya (Craft Centre) at BSD Knowledge House (“Rumah Pintar”)

The Craft Centre conducts activities that focus on improving creativity through lessons such as eco-printing and clothes screen printing. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Craft Centre organized lesson to teach participants how to make facial masks and hand sanitizers. These lessons and activities taught our participants skillsets that will help ease their financial burden during the pandemic.

  • Pasar Modern (Modern Market) Intermoda

Intermoda modern market was launched in March 2016. Occupying a land area of 2.6 hectares, the doublestorey modern market consists of 539 retail kiosks and 220 stalls. The market is an integrated part of the Intermoda bus terminal and the newly renovated Cisauk train station to support the Transit-Oriented Development (“TOD”) area in BSD City.

  • Pasar Rakyat School

To further improve the livelihood of MSMEs, we constantly inject business acumen into our MSME partners and educate them on how to operate their business successfully and sustainably. As rapid technological advancement disrupts the way traditional businesses operate, in 2019, Pasar Rakyat School focus its trainings on digital financial management, digital payment, as well as leveraging on social media platform to engage and market its products to customers.