Pasar Rakyat School

Published in SR 2020

Pasar Rakyat School is a comprehensive training program for the public market community to improve the sustainability of MSMEs businesses. Targeting market managers and sellers, the program focuses its training towards digital platform and financial management, as well as maintaining a clean and healthy marketplace.

Pasar Rakyat School was initiated in 2017 and conducted at Modern Market BSD City. Over time, this successful program has improved the livelihoods of its participants and is now an acknowledged program by the Indonesia Ministry of Trade. Today, Modern Market BSD City has become a role model for modern market in Indonesia, and the program is rolled out to many public markets across Indonesia.

The program is conducted and delivered through the
following methods:


Modern Market Intermoda onsite event

In 2020, Sinar Mas Land collaborated with several partners to organise “Opportunities for MSMEs in the Pandemic Period” event to share the following:

To ensure the safety of the participants during COVID-19 pandemic, semivirtually event was conducted with strict health protocol including physical distancing, wearing face mask throughout the event, temperature taking and hand sanitisation before entering the event area.


Modern Market BSD semi-virtual event

Here below is number and total participant in Pasar Rakyat School event for four last years: