Keeping Our Employees And Tenant Safe During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Published in SR 2020

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic is a challenge for any business. Many companies were left scrambling to craft policies and strategies needed to protect their employees and stakeholders from COVID-19 – all while trying to minimize the pandemic’s impact on their businesses. Sinar Mas Land realise the urgency of addressing these challenges and did our part to help prevent the further spread of the virus while supporting the needs of our customers, tenants, employees, and communities.

How to Overcome COVID-19 Pandemic

  • The Group has collaborated with Healthcare Provider (Eka Hospital, SehatQ Clinic, Bumame Clinic) and the respective regional Government (Jabodetabek Area)

Health Protocol at Sinar Mas Land Plaza Thamrin

Sinar Mas Land undertook the following initiation to prevent the spread of COVID-19 for employees, tenant & customer and government & communiyies, as follows:

  • Employees: Sinar Mas Land has implemented the following measures to ensure the health and safety of our employees in their work location:
  • Implement health protocols within the office;
  • Divide the employees in each Division and Function into two separate teams and work from different locations;
  • Implement a flexible Work-from-Home (“WFH”) policy depending on the existing condition and government directive;
  • Issuance of COVID-19 health protocol policies;
  • Implementation of Geo-Work Attendance and Pandemic Self-Assessment system during Workfrom-Office (“WFO”);
  • Implement COVID-19 response procedures for employees and daily cases monitoring by the CMC;
  • Establishment of COVID-19 Task Force to monitor the implementation of health protocol;
  • Conduct routine COVID-19 screening tests for front liners and employees who use public transport;
  • Provide health kit for employees;
  • Provide and facilitate COVID-19 treatment for employees with close contact, suspected or positive COVID-19;
  • Circulate regular COVID-19 news, awareness and announcement to employees

Provision of hand sanitiser and protective equipment for employees and

  • Tenant & Customers: Numerous health protocols have been implemented in our properties to support the safe reopening of businesses and public spaces as follows: physical distancing, reduce touchpoints;, building hygiene, building equipment and maintenance, front-line readiness and health awareness
  • Government & Communities: Sinar Mas Land extended the following support to local government and communities such as: health kits, provide food & supplement, Corporate Partnership and others.

Sinar Mas Land facilitate employees and their families to participate in government or private vaccination program (in collaboration with related association, health care and vaccine providers). Currently, the program is still ongoing while following guidance from the government. The goal is to protect employees and families from COVID-19 exposures and reduce the number of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia.