• Banten Dyslexia Event 2

Conducted in January 2020, the educational seminar, “Banten Dyslexia Event 2”, was attended by 325 participants that consist of teachers, GSM teachers and parents. This seminar provides broad knowledge and insights for teachers and parents to better understand dyslexic children and offer them the same opportunities as other children.

  • BSD Knowledge House (“Rumah Pintar”)

In mid 2013, BSD started building Rumah Pintar (Knowledge House) located in 1.3 sector swimming pool area BSD city, in support of the programme initiated by Indonesia’s First Lady, Mrs. Ani Bambang Yudhoyono, who is a member of Solidaritas Istri Kabinet Indonesia Bersatu (Solidarity of Spouses of United Indonesia Cabinet). The goal of Rumah Pintar is to empower children, mothers and other community members, in order to create educated and prosperous communities throughout Indonesia. Rumah Pintar is designed as a community learning center focusing on early childhood education and nurturing of family health. We provide various facilities to the public that contribute to knowledge and learning in those communities. These Include Computer Centre, Book Centre, Playing Centre, Audio Visual Centre and Sign Language.

  • Sinar Mas Land to groom the next Badminton Champion

Sinar Mas Land is committed to develop children with potential talent in the sport of badminton around BSD City, by awarding them with a one-year scholarships. This annual program, which started in 2019, has attracted more than 1,200 participants. Despite the huge turnout, only 10 talented individuals will receive scholarships and to trained at Chandra Wijaya International Badminton Centre.