As a leader in the property industry, sustainability has always been an integral part of our strategic business and we recognize our vital role in the well-being of our employees and communities where we operate. We believe that the management and the development of property project is one of the most effective ways to create jobs and alleviate poverty in Indonesia. Hence, it has the potential to empower and improve the livelihood of the community, particularly the future generation.

For Sinar Mas Land, community acceptance and support is the key foundation for our sustainable growth. In more than two decades of operations we have learned that developing good relations with the community is significant both to our business and our aspirations of contributing to Indonesia's economic and social development.

Our Sustainable Development Program Plan in 2013 is implemented based on the 3 (three) out of 8 (eight) Millennium Development Goals (MDG) indicators relevant to the property industry, such as People Development, Enabling Communities, and Environmental Conservation.