People Development

All of the people who work at Sinar Mas Land are responsible to guarantee our sustainability. By seeking to attract and retain unique and brilliant minds and talents, we strive to ensure that all our employees enjoy a healthy work-life balance and equal opportunities for professional advancement. This is also achieved with putting stern safety standards and processes in every corner of our workplace.

Labor Relation

Currently, we employ more than 6.000 people consist of permanent and temporary employees. We believe that all of our employees should be treated equally, fairly and with respect. It is this belief that motivates us in our day to day operations. In addition, we adhere to all Indonesian labor laws which cover issues such as freedom of association for our employees, decent pay and working hours, non-discrimination and the complete elimination of child or forced labour. Our commitment to fair labour practices is also emphasized in our employee handbook and employment practices. The company has an equal opportunities policy on employment, banning discrimination based on race, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership and political affiliation.

Employee Involvement

We seek to engage and mobilize our employees for various causes in the community. We also seek to meet the needs of our employee and community living near our operation area by:

  • Building and maintaining public infrastructure such as roads and bridges, and places of worship such as mosques and churches.
  • Providing the facilities and know how to run the cooperatives that ensure basic necessities are available at affordable prices.
  • Providing financial help for communities to celebrate festive and religious events.
  • Our effort in supporting community health is implemented through regular event blood donation in ITC BSD City. The blood donation is implemented two times per year.
Student Aid

Student Aid program aimed to help the outstanding student who has difficulties in financing their education fees. Through this program 114 elementary – high school students as beneficiaries to receive education aid during 2013.