Sinar Mas Land - Mal Mangga Dua

Mal Mangga Dua

No trip to the famous ITC Mangga Dua would be complete without a visit to its sister shopping center, Mal Mangga Dua. Mal Mangga Dua is considered to be one of the biggest IT and accessories warehouse in Jakarta. 

With competitive prices, Mal Mangga Dua is very popular with IT enthusiasts and regular customers alike. There is always room to bargain, but if you’re not up to it then the sole distributors of the brands are here to help you avoid any confusion. The added bonus for gadgetry enthusiasts is that computer and electronics exhibitions are held regularly, which means a variety of products will be offered with attractive packages and discounts. 

While waiting for your computer to be set up, you can take a break and visit some of the numerous food stall tenants here. Famous international restaurant chains are amongst the variety of dining options available. Since this is a mall that serves as an IT center, you can browse with WiFi while enjoying your food.