Sinar Mas Land - Mal Ambasador

Mal Ambasador

The computer center is a favourite place for information and technology enthusiasts in south Jakarta. This is the place for computer accessories. For mobile phones, many multinational popular brand agents or representatives operate here. Although Mal Ambasador looks upscale from the outside, once inside customer realise that there are plenty of bargains to be had.

Fashion items, wedding dresses and salons, jewelry and watches, or fresh produce can all be found here. For those looking to smarten up their homes their is a wide variety of and household equipment. There is even a car showroom for those wanting to take a new car home. 

Connected directly to ITC Kuningan and one of France's retail giants, Mal Ambasador is a favourite place to hang out during meal times. Workers from office complexes around the mall flock in during lunchtime. Food stalls with international and national flavours thrive here ranging from traditional foods to popular fast food chains. There are also numerous cafes and coffee shops where you can quench your thirst or grab a quick bite to eat.