Sinar Mas Land - ITC Roxy Mas

ITC Roxy Mas

ITC Roxy Mas had built the reputation as the home of mobile phones in Jakarta. The center is the largest and most comprehensive mobile phone center in Southeast Asia, also serves as a wholesale center.

There are over 800 shops with extensive collections of the latest model, colour or series. Service and after sales guarantees also processed here which makes it convenient for customers to come to one place that caters to all their gadgetry needs. Building on the reputation as a mobile phone paradise, ITC Roxy Mas also has a special exhibition area, used by brands to launch new products and for other events.

ITC Roxy Mas provides customers with the comfort of knowing that they are purchasing genuine products as all the major distributors, service providers and sales and service centers are represented here. 

Mobile phones and gadgetry are not the only goods available at ITC Roxy Mas. Any trip to ITC Roxy Mas is not complete without spending time enjoying the cosy atmosphere accompanied by good food and beverages offered in cafes and food stalls within the building.