ITC Depok

Although relatively new, this five-floor shopping mall has created a large and loyal customer base in Depok and the surrounding area. ITC Depok is now comfortably enjoying its place as the biggest venue for fashion, accessories, jewellery, mobile phones and computer sales, both wholesale and retail, in the area. 

The ease of access has made it impossible for shoppers to ignore. Whether you are traveling to Depok by car, bus or train, ITC Depok is hard to miss given its close proximity to the Depok Bus terminal, train station and Margonda main road. This easy access attracts visitors from far and wide. 

Designed to suit the needs of every family member, ITC Depok offers a wide range of services. As well as the standard fashion, accessory and jewellery, it provides grocery and daily items, with one of France's biggest retail stores positioned on Level 1 and 2. ITC Depok has a wide range of handy craft and hobby shops, toy stalls, model and game shops; and of course a wide range of mobile phone and electronic appliance outlets. For the younger shoppers, a play center provides a welcome refuge and distraction from the shopping.