Wisata Bukit Mas

Wisata Bukit Mas Surabaya is built on an area of 120 hectares in western Surabaya and divided into two residential areas (Wisata Bukit Mas I and II). Aside from the mandatory facilities and amenities found in similar developments, it is now also home to an international school. Wisata Bukit Mas provides luxury housing in the classic European building style. The Clubhouse Colosseum sports center provides the opportunity for residents to get away from the heat with a dip in the refreshing pool or enjoy a game of tennis, badminton, table tennis, or to work out in the gym. 

For maximum security and comfort, Wisata Bukit Mas is guarded by a gate system manned by trained security personnel 24/7. All electrical and telephone systems inside the complex are buried underground adding to the ambiance of the area. Other highlights on site include the newly operated amusement park at Taman Bukit Mas where Adventure Park Bike Tours and ATV Challenges are available together with other exciting attractions.

For more info go to http://www.wisatabukitmas.com