Telaga Golf Sawangan

An award winning estate, Telaga Golf Sawangan positioned itself as a project that implemented construction with ecological principles. Houses are built amongst the lush green environment, resulting in a feeling of living harmoniously with nature.

PT Cisadane Perdana, a subsidiary of Sinar Mas Land, crafted the green concept to be more than just a marketing gimmick, but as a way to entice the residents to promote green attitude.Telaga Golf Sawangan built facilities and infrastructure to support green residential living.  

Apart from the water reserve system, Telaga Golf Sawangan has the area with plants, flowers, and rare floral collections from the Bogor Botanical Garden, in addition to the growing biodiversity at the arboretum park. Telaga Golf Sawangan was proclaimed as Best Construction of houses built in harmony with nature in 2009. While in 2010 it received another CSR Green Award for real estate category from Business and CSR magazine.

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