Sinar Mas Land - Wisma BCA - BSD City

Wisma BCA - BSD City

Wisma BCA BSD City was built to be the first office building at Sunburst CBD Office Park. Standing on an immense 8,000 square meters of land in the center of the CBD, the five-storey building has a total space of 19,200 square meters.

Sinar Mas Land designed Wisma BCA as an office building that applies a hi-tech approach to its daily operations, complete with green architecture. The hi-tech concept is applied through the use of high speed fiber optic internet connection, and secure wifi with large bandwidth capacity. This ensures secure rapid data transfer in and out of the building. Meanwhile, the principle of green architecture was applied to the environment with building parks in the surrounding area, combined with the design of a roof garden and the use of low e-glass to reduce heat as well as minimizing the consumption of electricity.